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  • Marine plywood
  • Environmentally friendly plywood
  • Marine Teak Composite Floor
  • Marine fire-resitant plywood

Well-known enterprise for the production and sale of environmentally friendly wood products
China Tang Dynasty Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise specializing in the production and sales of environmentally friendly wood products. And through the national clean energy production certification, pay attention to the balance and harmonious development of the ecological environment, committed to the improvement of the international home living environment and the development of new environmental protection industry.

Advanced production equipment and technology
With a production base, the introduction of the world's advanced production equipment and technology, the company's cutting-edge research and development center, the product technology is continuously developed and improved. Integrating Eastern and Western cultures, adhering to the business philosophy of “environmental protection, technology, rigor, and integrity”, we constantly improve product quality and make a perfect combination of wood culture and modern technology.

Self-owned fast-growing forest
As a socially responsible enterprise, Tang Dynasty Wood has rationally developed and applied forest resources, planted a large area of its own fast-growing forests in China, and recycled resources for sustainable development. Always pay attention to the green and environmental protection of the earth for the benefit of future generations.

Guaranteed by multiple certifications
On the road to internationalization, the company has been awarded Carb&EPA, CE, JAS, Benchmark, CCS certificates, the company has produced flooring, cabinets, audio, building template, high standard furniture board and other fields have made certain achievements, complete many projects supporting services. Our company has established a decades-long cooperative partnership with many domestic high-speed railway manufacturers. Tang Dynasty wood series products are famous for their high quality. The flame retardant plywood developed by Tang Dynasty is the high-grade plywood for the national ship, high-speed railway and furniture manufacturing industry. It has always been providing customers with better products and making contributions to the national Marine industry.